Hello world!

We are continually searching for more and more ways to connect us with our clients. While in pursuit of this, I realized we have never actually stopped to make a quick blog. I frequently post regarding the business, sales, events, and such on our Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/truthbombent ) but rarely do much else in the way of “blogging” this experience.

So, in addition to the upcoming FAQ page I’m working on, I thought I would take the opportunity to say hello to everyone, and talk a little about how we got to here.

Truth Bomb Entertainment was officially opened in the Spring of 2014, with the goal of bridging the gap between experienced (but high priced) DJs, and those unreliable/inexperienced DJs (with the “unbelievable ” prices). I noticed that hardly anyone was offering quality services for an affordable price, and I wanted to fix that. The reason most DJs are so expensive comes down to 2 things (mostly), equipment costs and experience. While I’ve been doing this professionally for over 20 years, having house DJ jobs at The Electric Cowboy (Chattanooga) and many other large clubs,(not to mention the over 400 weddings our amazing clients have trusted me with at this point😉)I wasn’t looking to tax for my experience. I knew that alone would help lower our costs. The majority of our budget went into the equipment, and the majority of the price we charge is to ensure we are always able to provide you with solid and reliable equipment for your event. We’ve never paid to advertise, another savings we pass on, instead we have relied on word of mouth and client reviews to spread the word.

The other thing I noticed was just how unorganized, and unreliable, so many DJ companies seemed. I felt by working hard to reverse that paradigm within my business, it would further help to set us apart. Our client’s happiness and confidence in us is a huge factor. I set up an online Virtual Office for our clients to use, giving them direct 24/7 account access as well as helpful worksheets, built in timelines and music requests, everything our clients need to plan a successful event all in one central, organized, location. They have everything they need, and they know that we have all the info they want us to have for their event.

We’ve taken every step possible to set ourselves apart from the crowd, while remaining affordable for virtually any budget. By never canceling a booking, always showing up early, and always going the extra mile. After many years, and some amazing reviews , we’ve slowly built one of the strongest reputations in the mobile DJ market.

I hope all of that gives you a better idea of how and why this company was started, and how we have gotten to where we are today. I know it’s a bit of a novel, but considering we have never posted a blog post in all these years, I guess it was overdue!

From the bottom of my ❤, thank you to each and every client that has trusted us with your biggest moments. Your amazing reviews have made everybody possible.

Best in all you do-