Party DJ Packages

We’ve completely redesigned our packages from the ground up for 2023!

Silver Party Package                   $550

Everything you need to get the party started!
  • Professionally DJed music for up to 4 hours
  • Our standard dual 12″ full range speaker system
  • Dynamic LEDs highlight the dance floor area, and change with the beat
  • Small RGB laser for over the dance floor (optional, no charge)
  • Optional fog add on available for $35 provides a light haze throughout the room to highlight the laser in action (All fog is low density, water based, and fire system safe!)
  • 24/7 account access via exclusive My Event planning system. This allows you to not only book your event, but also fully customize your music, announcements, timeline, and much more!
  • Requests handled pre-event by My Event, with live requests handled via Cashapp  ($1 minimum)
  • Overtime available in advance @$150/per hour
  • Most suitable for crowds under 75 people, house parties, smaller event spaces. or small backyards/outdoor spaces

Gold Party Package                $650

Let us take your party up a notch! Best suited for crowds up to 150 people.
  • Professionally DJed music for up to 4 hours featuring our dual 12″ speaker system +
  • Additional 15″ standalone speaker for bigger sound and added bass
  • Dynamic LED dance floor area lighting
  • Large RGB dynamic laser lighting
  • Fog included at no charge if desired and approved by the venue
  • 24/7 account access with custom My Event planning page. Featuring integrated requests, planning worksheets, timeline/announcement builder, and more!
  • Pre-requests handled through My Event, with live requests offered through Cashapp or $50 open live request add-on
  • Overtime available in advance @$150/per hour
  • Most suitable for crowds up to 150 people,  medium size outdoor spaces, school dances, medium size venue spaces

Platinum Party Package                                     $850

For those seeking the “club experience”, let’s turn this party up to 11!
  • Professionally DJed music for up to 4 hours
  • Dual 12″ dedicated subs + 16 (8 mids,8 tweeters)  speaker full range array system for perfect clarity from the front to the back and serious bass
  • Dual laser show lighting setup, or add full overhead lighting rig setup for $100 and rain light effects down over the dance floor
  • Upgraded fog effects included, if approved by venue
  • 27/7 account access via custom My Event planner. Includes helpful planning worksheets, integrated request lists, announcement/timeline builder, and more to customize your experience!
  • Overtime available in advance @$200/per hour
  • Most suitable for larger venue spaces, school gyms, ballrooms, or bigger outdoor spaces (DJ space must be covered)  

Holiday Rates

All Holiday packages include lighting and music to fit your party theme, and personalized My Event page for planning!

Standard Holiday Rate for most events- $650

Halloween and New Years are a minimum 4 hour/ $1000 engagement.

We also offer special pricing for local events with smaller groups and shorter times , contact us for details!